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Laz Alonso Looks Incredible After Weight Loss in New The Boys Trailer!

Dec 7, 2023 @ 4:42 EST
Laz Alonso Looks Incredible After Weight Loss in New The Boys Trailer!

As seen in the trailer of The Boys season 4, Laz Alonso has undergone visible weight loss, leaving fans to speculate the reason behind his transformation. Well, let's examine his before and after pictures.

Howdy, pop culture fans! We've got some hot gossip sizzling in the rumor mill, and it involves none other than our favorite superhero-adjacent star, Laz Alonso. If you've been glued to your screens watching The Boys on Amazon Prime and noticed something different about Mother's Milk, you're not alone. Rumor has it that Laz has undergone a jaw-dropping weight loss transformation that's got the town buzzing.

Previously, we touched on what the truth bomber is.

Laz Alonso’s Weight Loss Scoop From the Lipstick Alley

So, our detective work led us to the depths of the internet, specifically the notorious Lipstick Alley forum. A savvy user kicked off a thread asking the burning question on everyone's minds: Why has Laz Alonso (@lazofficial) seemingly shed some pounds? Was it for an upcoming blockbuster role, or is Mother's Milk on a secret mission to cut calories?

Now, we know you're dying to see the receipts, and lucky for you, the good folks on Lipstick Alley didn't disappoint. Picture this: a thread filled with speculation, skepticism, and a dash of pure confusion. Some forum members demanded visual proof, while others debated the relevance of the topic in the Astrology Alley section. Because, of course, if the stars align, so does Laz Alonso's weight loss—right?

In a dramatic twist, a brave user stepped up to the plate and dropped recent pictures of Alonso, leaving everyone gasping. Lo and behold, there it was—a noticeable change in the actor's physique that had tongues wagging faster than a superhero's cape in the wind.

Laz Alonso has not made any comments on his recent weight loss. netflixdeed.comLaz Alonso has not made any comments on his recent weight loss.
Image Source: Prime Video

Now, brace yourselves for some wild weight loss speculation. Could Laz be preparing for a role that demands a sleeker, more svelte superhero? Is Mother's Milk joining the ranks of the super-fit to battle the Seven with newfound agility? Or maybe, just maybe, he's swapping his protein shakes for a diet of justice and crime-fighting.

The forum, in true internet fashion, erupted into chaos. Opinions flew like superhero capes in a wind tunnel. Some praised Laz's dedication to the craft, while others questioned the relevance of the entire discussion. After all, if superheroes can bend the laws of physics, why can't forum threads defy logic?

As we wrap up this riveting chapter in the Lipstick Alley saga, one thing's for sure: Laz Alonso's weight loss has become the talk of the town. Whether it's for a role, a personal journey, or just an elaborate plot twist in the grand scheme of superhero lore, we'll be keeping our eyes peeled for the next jaw-dropping development. Until then, stay tuned, dear readers, and may the weight loss force be with you!

From Duet to Goo: Laz Alonso’s Wild Ride in the World of ‘The Boys'

Alright, buckle up, folks! We've got some behind-the-scenes scoop from the wild world of The Boys, and let me tell you, it's a rollercoaster of weirdness. You thought the superheroes on screen were the craziest part? Well, think again, because Laz Alonso, who plays Mother's Milk, just spilled the slimy beans on a run-in with The Deep's gills that's straight out of a sci-fi horror flick.

Laz Alonso as Mother's Milk in The Boys. netflixdeed.comLaz Alonso as Mother's Milk in The Boys.
Image Source: Prime Video

So, picture this: The Deep, played by Chace Crawford (@chacecrawford), has these gnarly gills on his abdomen that let him breathe underwater. You usually don't see them because he's all dressed up, and he's a bit shy about his aquatic accessories. But oh boy, Laz Alonso, our superhero insider, decided to play detective and stumbled upon the prosthetics for those infamous gills.

In the midst of breaking down the wildest scenes for GQ, Alonso spilled the deets on a day that turned out to be weirder than a Supes support group. After Chace Crawford did a scene where The Deep has a musical duet with his gills (yes, you read that right, a duet with gills), Alonso found the gory aftermath in the makeup trailer.

Now, get this: Laz Alonso sees the chest plate and gills lying there, innocently minding their own business. And what does he do? He decides to touch them. Cue the dramatic music because things took a turn for the slimy. The gills, or whatever mystical creature was living inside them, seemed to move on their own, and Alonso found himself on the other side of the makeup trailer, hand dripping with some mysterious white goo.

"It moved. I literally ended up on the other side of the makeup trailer, and my hand was dripping white, like clear goo. It was very lubricated. Very slippery. And the gills moved by them – They were like, they moved on their own," he exclaimed, probably still processing the bizarre encounter.

Now, we're not talking about your regular run-of-the-mill prosthetics here. Crawford spilled the beans on the magic behind the scenes, revealing they made a replica of his chest that fits under the gills. Special effects artists work their wizardry with air pumps off-camera to make those gills look like they're breathing. And yes, they even needed to peek inside the gill cavity for a particular scene, which, unsurprisingly, made Crawford squirm.

But wait, there's more! This is The Boys after all. They've built an 11-foot p***s for a scene in season 3, and Laz Alonso found himself knee-deep in goo during a little mishap in "Herogasm."

So, dear readers, if you thought being a superhero was all glitz and glamour, think again. It's a constant stream of weird, wild, and slimy surprises for the cast of "The Boys. And who knows what else is in store for Laz Alonso and the gang? One thing's for sure – they're not afraid to get down and dirty for our viewing pleasure. Stay tuned for more outrageous shenanigans from the not-so-average superheroes of The Boys"!

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