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Kyla Kenedy's Plastic Surgery: Nose Job Looks the Most Obvious!

Mar 27, 2022 @ 10:59 EDT
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Kyla Kenedy's Plastic Surgery: Nose Job Looks the Most Obvious!

Kyla Kenedy has been rumored to have undergone a nose job, in addition to other alleged plastic surgery procedures. Some believe that Kyla Kenedy had done it for medical reasons while some criticize her for getting plastic surgery at such an early age.

Kyla Kenedy is an American actress who is mostly known for playing the role of Izzie in the television film Raising Izzie, for which she won the Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a TV Movie, Miniseries, Special or Pilot - Leading Young Actress in 2013.

She is also recognized for the roles of Mika Samuels on the AMC horror series The Walking Dead and Dylan DiMeo on ABC sitcom Speechless. In 2021, she bagged the main role of Orly Bremer in the NBC sitcom Mr. Mayor.

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Has Kyla Kenedy Got Plastic Surgery Done?

Kyla Kenedy (@kylakenedy) is now among the celebrities about whom the discussions about appearances and plastic surgery have started in different forums. It might look a bit extreme for her, those plastic surgery talks, because she is not even 20 years old.

She was born on February 4th, 2003, which just makes her 19 years old. 19 would be considered too young to go under the knife in normal circumstances. But maybe it's the allowance for the glam world where almost everything is deep-rooted in shallowness and superficiality that has not held back people from openly speculating plastic surgery on the young actress.

Also, first, the talks about Kyla Kenedy having gone under the knife first surfaced back in 2019, when she was just 16. This information puts the whole discussion in a new perspective not because it has always been the same world of glamor. It's sad but it's true.

Anyway, what cosmetic procedures people think Kyla Kenedy has undergone is a nose job. And it's the same story with her as well. Same old 'her nose bridge was wide' and now she has got it slimmed. In post-2019 pictures of her, her nose does look slimmer and sharper than in her earlier days.

But could it have not been plastic surgery and been just make-up and contouring because it's possible to make the nose appear thinner than it is with the help of make-up? Because she's too young for those.

Or because nose jobs are the most common form of plastic surgery in Hollywood, she did get it done despite her young age? All people can do is just speculate because Kyla Kenedy is definitely not addressing these nose job rumors because she has always been very low-key and super private.

Even though The Walking Dead actor has been nothing but passive when it comes to the discussions surrounding her in regards to plastic surgery, her fans have invented different narratives about those alleged cosmetic alterations as they see fit.

Some people who noticed that her nose had definitely changed and who were not very receptive about getting body features altered surgically for improving the looks and were biased against it, started defending her for getting plastic surgery by claiming that it was done for a medical reason.

They didn't think to chalk it up to make-up because they think the nose job is real. But Kyla Kenedy has never come forward with any medical conditions that would require her to get a nose job.

But this is much better than people criticizing her for getting plastic surgery at such a young age. I mean, if the Love Is All You Need? actress has really got her nose slimmed for cosmetic purposes to fit into Hollywood standards of beauty, I think it's the rigid and harsh beauty standards that society has set to be blamed.

Many women succumb to it. Blaming such a young person for not being able to resist those standards is plainly being ignorant about the roots of the problems and ironically, being superficial and shallow about it.

Is Kyla Kenedy Gay?

There are many fans of Kyla Kenedy who believe that she is dating Jack Dylan Graze. Jack Dylan Graze played the recurring role of Rev in the ABC sitcom Speechless, in which Kyla played the role of Dylan DiMeo, one of the main characters.

Rumors about Kyla and Jack being in a relationship started when they were apparently spotted together several times off-set during multiple occasions. People saw the pair together a few times and immediately jumped to the conclusion that there must be something going on between them. However, this assumption the duo has denied.

They have said that they are just really good friends and they are not like going out. Maybe those fans who are of the belief that a boy and a girl can never be just friends and cannot have a close platonic relationship will come up with 'they are just lying for the sake of privacy' or believe that friendship is just a phase and they will eventually get there.

It's very convenient to believe that because Kyla Kenedy has never been open about her relationships which means she has not talked about any of the boys she has dated.

But because of the same reason, some people theorize that she must be gay. That's why no boys talk. But there are no girl talks either. About that, people have reasoned it being due to her secrecy about her homosexuality to protect her acting career.

Kyla Kenedy has never specified her sexual orientation. Maybe she's just private about everything and not because she's gay. If she actually is, her fans better not just keep making speculations and give her space. She will come out of the closet when she believes she's ready.

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