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Katy Mixon's Weight Gain: The Thing About Pam Actress Update!

Mar 9, 2022 @ 5:33 EST
Katy Mixon's Weight Gain: The Thing About Pam Actress Update!

Katy Mixon looks totally different since 2018 as she gained some weight and fans wanted to know if The Thing About Pam actress did it on purpose. Know the reason behind Katy Mixon's weight gain in 2022. She plays Betsy Faria on NBC's The Thing About Pam.

Katy Mixon is a well-known American actress, currently making rounds for the role of Betsy Faria in the NBC crime drama The Thing About Pam. She previously starred in the CBS sitcom Mike & Molly. She made her acting debut in a theater performance of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, playing Calpurnia.

She's since appeared in a lot of plays, TV series, and movies. Eastbound & Down, Mike & Molly, and American Housewife are among her major television series. She also appeared in episodes of Two and a Half Men, Wilfred, Psych, The Looney Tunes Show, and Neo Yokio as a guest star.

Katy Mixon also has supporting appearances in the movies The Quiet, State of Play, and Four Christmases, among others. Take Shelter, Drive Angry, Blind Dating, and Hell or High Water are among the actress's other projects.

Mixon also voiced characters in the animated movie Minions. She's also an outstanding stage performer, having appeared in a number of productions, the most well-known of which is American Standard.

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Katy Mixon's Weight Gain: Did The Thing About Pam Actress Intentionally Gain Weight?

When you become a star, especially in the entertainment sector, everything you do and everything that happens around you becomes news, which might bring you praise or criticism. Talking about criticism, Katy Mixon's weight gain comes to mind right away.

On the hit TV show American Housewife, Katy's weight skyrocketed which generated a lot of backlash from her social media fans, who had always applauded her incredible shape before the weight gain.

While some fans were concerned about Katy Mixon's weight gain, the gorgeous actress had a completely different perspective. In an interview, Katy stated,

I never let the media dictate my identity, so the fact that I’m a size 14 or a size 2, or a size 8, or a size 4, I kind of rock and roll. It doesn’t matter to me.

Katy Mixon's weight loss in 2018 caused a lot of controversies, with some thinking that she had surgery to regain the figure that her fans adored previously. Thin Zone Keto Boost was believed to have helped her lose weight.

After 2018, Mixon's weight gain was so rapid that it was analyzed by a few health-related companies. Katy Mixon's weight gain has had no effect on her brain or brilliance. Her ingenuity is not improbable because she is well-educated and knows her onions.

Actors and actresses are sometimes forced to make sacrifices in order to fit into a character in a film or television series. Those sacrifices aren't always properly received by supporters. Similarly, Katy Mixon had to gain extra weight for the popular television show American Housewife.

Despite the fact that some fans were concerned about Katy Mixon's weight gain, the attractive actress had an entirely different perspective.

Katy Mixon's weight increase was due to the role she performed in America Housewife — a strange-looking mother of three and she remained confident and believed in body positivity despite the controversy.

The Thing About Pam: Is it Based on a True Story?

The Thing About Pam is an American crime drama television series about Pam Hupp's involvement in the 2011 murder of Betsy Faria. Josh Duhamel, Judy Greer, Katy Mixon, Gideon Adlon, Sean Bridgers, Glenn Fleshler, Suanne Spoke, and Mac Brandt star in the film.

The Thing About Pam is based on a true incident, as it follows Betsy Faria (played by Katy Mixon), who was stabbed to death 55 times in her home in Troy, Missouri, on December 27, 2011. Betsy, who was dying of cancer, transferred the beneficiary of her $150,000 life insurance policy from her husband to Pam Hupp four days before she died.

After discovering his wife at their home after a gaming night with friends, Betsy's husband Russ (played by Glenn Fleshler) placed a 911 call, saying he suspected she had killed herself. As police and former Lincoln County Prosecutor Leah Askey (played by Judy Greer) claimed that Russ killed his wife in an act of domestic violence, this call became key evidence against him in the case.

Their case was boosted by evidence from Hupp, who claimed to be the last person to see Betsy alive and accused Russ of being abusive to his wife, as well as testimony from another witness who claimed Hupp told her about Russ threatening to suffocate her with a pillow.

Hupp's statements made her the case's primary witness, despite the fact that there was no evidence that Russ was the murderer. He had an eyewitness, as he had a time-stamped receipt from an Arby's visit close to the time of the murder, and no blood was detected on him.

Russ was charged with her murder in 2012 after police and Askey refused to rule him out as a suspect. He was found guilty by a jury in November 2013 and sentenced to life in prison. Hupp was also charged with the murder of another man named Louis Gumpenberger in August 2016, for which she entered an Alford plea to avoid a death penalty trial in July 2019.

Pam's decision to enter an Alford plea meant she recognized prosecutors had sufficient evidence to convict her without admitting guilt. Betsy Faria's case was reopened at the time of her conviction, and Hupp was charged with first-degree murder in July 2021. The investigation is still on. Hupp has denied any involvement in the 2011 slaying on many occasions.

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