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Katie Maloney's Weight Gain: All the Facts Here!

Mar 19, 2022 @ 13:46 EDT
Katie Maloney's Weight Gain: All the Facts Here!

Katie Maloney from Vanderpump Rules gained a lot of weight very quickly in her mid-twenties once she quit the gym which got her a lot of body-shaming from her co-stars as well as from people on the internet. Away from her weight gain speculations, Katie Maloney recently shed 20 pounds and her husband Tom Schwartz.

Katie Maloney, one of the Vanderpump Rules on Bravo stars who has advocated for body positivity and set an example for self-love, and inspired a lot of people, is recently in the news after her announcement that she was ending her marriage with her husband Tom Schwartz after 12 years together.

Prior to that, Katie Maloney was in the talks for her weight loss of about 20 pounds.

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Katie Maloney's Weight Gain: What's the Story There?

Katie Maloney (@musickillskate) has been a part of Bravo's reality show Vanderpump Rules from the very first season which aired when she was about 25 in 2013.

Since then, her life had been something like an open book, and viewers of the show had been through ups and downs of her life with her and through ups and downs in her weight, mostly downs as her weight had gone up in those years.

Speaking about her weight gain in an interview, the reality star said that her idea of body image has completely changed since the show started.

Katie Maloney body at the start of the show and at the end of the show was completely different, which should not be surprising and anything to be shamed for but unfortunately, which has been something that has been used to take repeated nasty hits at her self-esteem and confidence by constantly fat-shaming her.

Katie Maloney could be said to be not very acquainted with weight issues. She has always been a fit girl which was due to the fact that she has been working out since she was in high school. In fact, she used to be a cheerleader so, she always exercised and maintained her body and never gave even a split second of thought to it.

She was the last person who would be struggling with body image issues and being put down for her weight. But then, after some time of always being the slim fit girl who never missed out on working out, she decided to take a rest from all of it and relax.

Katie Maloney quit the gym which didn't seem like such a bad decision at first. But as soon as she stopped hitting the gym, she started gaining weight very quickly. This decision, she always recalls as not the best one solely due to it being the wrong time (she was 28 when she decided to take a break from physical exercises) in hindsight.

Her weight gain in a short span of time was hardly missable as it was quite prominent. Everyone noticed it and a lot of people never failed to make it known to her that they had noticed she had packed quite a lot of pounds in different ways be it giving her unsolicited advice to lose some weight or asking her presumptuous and invasive questions like was she pregnant because she looked weight.

Katie Maloney's weight gain made it to the storyline of the reality show after she started to get body-shamed in direct and sometimes indirect ways.

Lala Kent observed loudly and to be insulting that not everyone had been working on their summer bodies while James Kennedy gave her a knowingly hurtful and snarky 'Are you pregnant' and without waiting for her to respond, took the liberty of assuming she was so congratulated her. They did end up apologizing to her but the damage to her body image had been already done.

Event planner Kevin Lee got too transparent with his weight-shaming. He straight up told her 'as a friend' that she had gained a little bit of weight which was out of control so she had to work on it.

And next up, we have James Kennedy again whose idea of a comeback and how to shut others down by demeaning them during an argument was to tell Katie to 'lose some weight.' Not to forget those countless 'Miss Piggy' and cow emojis she got on social media.

While seeing Katie Maloney's body shift had been a little hard for her by her own admission, those crude remarks about her body were not something she was able to overlook. She found those extremely hurtful and damaging. She started to hate looking at her reflections, getting dressed, and taking photos.

She thought it was very debilitating and it is indeed a very shitty way to feel. She didn't want anybody feeling like that so, she decided to fight back those harsh criticism about her weight by tuning out the noise, focusing on what she had and not what she didn't, and she urged her followers to do the same.

Now, Katie Maloney has learned to appreciate her shape and has accepted the fact that she didn't need to look a certain way and definitely, didn't need to be the same size as she was when 25.

This was proved when lots of fans took offense on her behalf when Raquel Leviss posted an 'unflattering' photo of her to her Instagram story to wish Katie a happy birthday but Katie only focused on how happy she was in the photo despite being aware that her facial expression gave her '12 chins' as she writes on her Instagram.

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