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Johnny Stevens’ Weight Gain: How Does the Highly Suspect Lead Singer Look Now?

Sep 26, 2022 @ 9:48 EDT
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Johnny Stevens’ Weight Gain: How Does the Highly Suspect Lead Singer Look Now?

Johnny Stevens, the lead singer of Highly Suspect, looks almost unrecognizable now because of his weight gain. While some people believe the party drugs might be the reason for his appearance, others believe it is due to his illness. However, the 34-year-old singer has not stated anything regarding his appearance.

Johnny Stevens is the lead vocalist as well as guitarist and synthesizer player for a band, Highly Suspect, who became the first rock group to join the 300 Entertainment roster. Their debut album was titled Mister Asylum. In 2009, he and the Meyer twins, Rich and Ryan, co-founded the band. Before receiving recognition at prestigious music festivals like SXSW, Bonnaroo, and Lollapalooza, they played covers in their hometown.

Johnny does lead vocals and plays the guitar in the band. The band supposedly began as a bar cover band, but due to their lofty aspirations and ambitions, they made the decision to move to New York in order to pursue their careers more seriously. After moving, they recorded an EP called The Worst Humans, which included the songs Bath Salts, Gumsh*e, and The Go.

Johnny Stevens was born on April 10, 1986, in Massachusetts, USA. He frequently receives praise for his edgy rock attire. He hasn't talked much about his early years, which is unfortunate, but we do know that he went to Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School and that he has one brother whose identity is kept a secret.

Recently, his appearance has been a subject of concern to many of his followers as he clearly looks like he has a significant amount of weight. He totally looks different and fans wonder about the actual reason for his weight gain. Well, we've got you covered.

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Johnny Stevens’ Weight Gain: The Highly Suspect Lead Singer Now Looks Heavier and Fans Want to Know the Reason!

No doubt, Johnny Stevens (@terriblejohnny) now looks totally different because of his weight gain. It's not that Highly Suspect lead singer looks as if it would cause him any health issues but he does look fat when compared to his previous pictures. We did our research but failed to confirm the exact reason for his appearance. However, we do have some possible causes.

First and foremost, Johnny might have been eating a lot. Eating higher calories than your body weight needs eventually increases your weight. It is how our body works. He might have been eating a lot without performing any kind of exercise or diet. Scientifically, any extra calories are stored as fat throughout your body. Your body stores this fat in specialized fat cells (adipose tissue), either by expanding the already-existing fat cells or by producing new ones.

Similarly, Johnny Stevens' bandmate, Rich Myer, once claimed that he uses party drugs while writing heavier music. For those who have no idea what party drugs really are, they are the kind of drugs offered during a party, festival, or concert with the promise of an even greater time. Despite the fact that using a party or recreational drugs may appear enjoyable, there are many dangers and drawbacks. And they are usually illegal. Party drugs are frequently used to make social gatherings more enjoyable. Depending on what's in them, they have a variety of impacts. They are able to maintain vitality while enhancing musical sensitivity.

And we all know that taking drugs is not healthy at all. It has many side effects and weight gain seems to be one of them. There's a chance Johnny Steven too takes party drugs while composing heavy music just like Rich Myer. This is just an assumption made because of Rich's statement. Therefore, we can't be sure if it really is the reason.

On the other hand, Johnny Stevens might be suffering from some kind of illness. There are many diseases as well as medications that lead us to gain weight significantly. In the same way, hormonal imbalance in the body also makes us gain weight.

We can speculate with 1000s of reasons for Johnny Steven's weight gain. But we can't be sure of any of them. Hence, we have to wait for the 34-year-old singer to remark something regarding his appearance. We'll get back to you as soon as we get any official information from the singer himself.

Johnny Stevens’ Relation Status: Single or Taken?

Johnny Stevens has yet to get married. However, he is presently dating a woman known as Kylie Bobal (@kydids) on Instagram. Research on Kydids' Instagram photos suggests that they began dating around 2017.

However, Johnny hasn't been completely transparent about his relationship with his girlfriend. He has never discussed the nature or evolution of their relationship with the media. Additionally, Stevens' lyrics also imply that the Hard Rock star has dated numerous women.

Johnny Stevens loves to incorporate his relationship problems and girlfriends, even his ex-girlfriends, into his songs because he constantly sings about his own personal experiences. Examples include his singles Lydia and Chicago, both of which are about his ex-girlfriends.

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