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Jeremy Irons From The Pentaverate: Narrator & Secret Society Explored!

May 10, 2022 @ 10:40 EDT
Jeremy Irons From The Pentaverate: Narrator & Secret Society Explored!

Jeremy Irons is cast as the narrator in Netflix's The Pentaverate which is a brand-new comedy about secret societies from Mike Myers' mind. The show was released on May 5, 2022. In the trailer for Netflix's comedy series, we can see Mike Myers leading the Weirdest Secret Society. Follow the article to know more about Jeremy Irons and his role on The Pentaverate.

Mike Myers, the creator of Austin Powers and Wayne's World, returns to Netflix with a new comedic series. The Pentaverate is a brand-new comedy about secret societies from Mike Myers' mind. The show premiered on Netflix this week. The performer is better renowned for his cinematic work, but The Pentaverate, a spoof of hidden world systems and organizations, is his first step into television. The Illuminati and Free Masons, for example, are mocked by The Pentaverate.

But Myers isn't doing everything in the Pentaverate cast. Several comedic heavyweights have joined him. The full cast includes Mike Myers himself, Lydia West, Richard McCabe, Jeremy Irons, Debi Mazar, Keegan-Michael Key, Ken Jeong, and Jennifer Saunders.

Along with his Austin Powers and Wayne's World co-stars Rob Lowe and Maria Menounos appearing as fictitious versions of themselves, Jeremy Irons joins the lineup as the show's narrator. You're at the right place if you want to know more about the narrator of the show.

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Jeremy Irons: The Pentaverate Narrator & Secret Society!

The Pentaverate on Netflix revolves around a secret society that has been striving to dictate world events since 1347. The narrator is not necessarily one of the principal characters, however, one could argue he is indeed one of the show's personas. Furthermore, he is not voiced by Mike Myers. The narrator is not one of the roles played by the Wayne's World actor in the show.

Instead, as the narrator states at one point, he is voiced by Jeremy Irons, the Oscar, Golden Globe, and Primetime Emmy Award-winning actor who has acted in films like Reversal of Fortune and Appaloosa, as well as shows like Elizabeth I and Watchmen.

Jeremy John Irons, born on September 19, 1948, is an actor and activist from England. Irons began his acting career on stage in 1969 after getting classical training at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. He has starred in numerous West End theatre productions. He made his Broadway debut in Tom Stoppard's The Real Thing in 1984, winning a Tony Award for Best Actor in a Play for his performance.

Irons' breakthrough performance was in the ITV series Brideshead Revisited (1981), which is widely regarded as one of the best British television dramas and literary adaptations of all time. He received a BAFTA nomination for Best Actor for his performance in the romantic drama The French Lieutenant's Woman (1981).

Jeremy Irons won a Golden Globe and an Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in the historical drama Elizabeth I. He played Pope Alexander VI in the Showtime historical series The Borgias from 2011 to 2013.  In the United States, he is one of the few actors to win the Triple Crown of Acting, receiving an Oscar for cinema, an Emmy for television, and a Tony Award for theater.

The narrator breaks the fourth wall several times, and not merely to reveal his true identity to the listener. The narrator of each episode informs the audience who the Pentaverate are and what their mission is. He chastises the audience on occasion, knowing that they will try to skip the portion because they have already seen it in the first episode, and reminds them of the identity of the elevated actor that voices him.

This isn't Jeremy Irons' first time narrating a story. Eye of the Leopard, The Last Lions, and Life on Fire are among the documentaries in which he has played that role.

Irons, who hails from Cowes on the Isle of Wight, has worked as an actor for more than five decades and has established an impressive body of work in theater, cinema, and television. He is widely considered one of his generation's best actors.

Jeremy Irons is quite versatile and can work in a variety of genres. He has a distinct voice and is one of the most well-known narrators of natural history documentaries. For his role as Claus von Bülow in Reversal of Fortune, Irons won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1990.

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