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Jenny Gilmer from Nygard Cay: Peter Nygard Sexually Assaulted Her!

Dec 14, 2021 @ 12:10 EST
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Jenny Gilmer from Nygard Cay: Peter Nygard Sexually Assaulted Her!

Jenny Gilmer's horrific experiences are recounted on Dateline NBC The Secrets of Nygard Cay. Jenny Gilmer was sexually assaulted by Peter Nygard in the Bahamas.

Peter Nygard is accused of sex exploitation and sexual abuse by numerous women and young girls over the course of several decades, notably Maridel Carbuccia, according to a nine-count grand jury indictment. He has categorically denied any misconduct.

His accusers claim Nygard sedated and attacked them, while his employees claim they were suppressed when they sought to speak out about what was going on during a Dateline NBC: The Secrets of Nygard Cay segment.

Who is Jenny Gilmer from Nygard Cay?

Staff and budding models were not the only ones affected by the purported attacks, which left lasting emotional wounds. Jenny Gilmer, then a 19-year-old visitor in the Bahamas, was persuaded to play tennis on Nygard's property in 1998.

He invited her to spend the night on the estate. She became disoriented and shaky while drinking cocktails with other guests. Nygard, she claims, repeatedly assaulted her.

She said,

It altered my decision-making through life — relationships, depression,

Nygard's son Kai, a young teenager, was banging on the door asking for his dad during one of the incidents, according to Jenny Gilmer.

She claimed she remained mute because she was more anxious about him than she was about herself.

Jenny Gilmer remarked,

For him to find out what kind of person his dad really is?

She felt way worse for him than she was for herself during that moment.

Jenny Gilmer is Not the Only Sexual Assault Victim of Peter Nygard

Just as Jenny Gilmer, many of Peter Nygard's reported crimes happened on his Bahamas residence, Nygard Cay. According to former staff, Nygard conducted "pamper parties" at the vast beach home.

These were get-togethers for budding models to unwind and mingle; Beverly Peele, the head of his fashion company, said Nygard appreciated her presence.

She claimed she didn't enjoy the gatherings, assuming they were merely a means for him to meet ladies with whom he might sleep. What she didn't realize was that other ladies at the events had been accused of assaulting in the same way she had been.

Nygard pursued her into the toilet at his California vacation home shortly after she accepted her modeling contract, she claims, and sexually assaulted her.

Nygard would have "someone targeted" while partying, according to prosecutor Greg Gutzler, who is representing hundreds of victims in a class action case against Nygard.

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