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Jason Aldean's Weight Gain: All the Facts Here!

Mar 10, 2022 @ 9:22 EST
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Jason Aldean's Weight Gain: All the Facts Here!

Jason Aldean began to undergo weight gain after he hit his forties as a result of his unhealthy eating habits. But as quick as his weight gain was, Jason Aldean took no time in correcting it by changing his diet with the help of the nutritionist.

Jason Aldean is a country music singer, songwriter, and record producer, who has released 10 albums and 38 singles in his 17-year-long career till now. He has been nominated for Grammy Award a total of four times, twice of which were for Best Country Album.

In 2019, he became the sixth artist to be honored with the ACM Dick Clark Artist of the Decade Award.

Georgio, his second half of the double album project Macon, Georgia will be released on April 22, 2022.

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Jason Aldean's Weight Gain After Forties

If there's one thing Jason Aldean (@jasonaldean) has never been in the news for, it is his weight. Well, was actually because that was only until he was in his thirties.

Jason has always maintained his body. But as soon as he got closer to his forties, he couldn't hold up with his weight. Especially while he was on the road touring, he began to experience weight gain as he had never before.

Seeing his weight increase at a rapid pace with little to no changes in his diet or exercising habits, it didn't take long for the Grammy-nominated artist to realize that his age was catching up to him. Life was different when it was easier for him to retain his slimmer physique with minimal effort.

Gone were his younger days when Jason Aldean never had to think twice about chowing down on pizza backstage after closing a late show because there was never a consequence in his health and weight.

And now, how times have changed! He is middle-aged and his body never fails to show. His metabolism is no longer what it used to be before. So, his eating habits have finally begun to affect his body.

Jason Aldean was not too welcoming of the changes in his body which it had become more susceptible to because of his age. So, on gaining weight as a result of careless eating and no proper diet and workout regimen, The Truth singer decided that he was going to change.

To be fair, time had changed and he had to as well. Good for him for not just sitting and doing nothing about it because it's just so easy than getting up and doing something about it.

Anyway, after the birth of his second child with his second wife Brittany Aldean, Brittany had also unsurprisingly gained a lot of weight. So, the couple embarked on the journey of weight loss together. His wife commendably dropped 40 pounds.

Jason hasn't put any numbers to the result of his weight loss journey. But everyone can see it is as clear as day that the Dirt Road Anthem crooner has lost some weight. Although nothing extremely drastic because his weight gain had not been too drastic as well.

Speaking about what he did to lose weight and pack muscles, Jason Aldean revealed that he had met with a nutritionist to get advice on his eating habits. On examing his regular diet, the nutritionist concluded that the Fly Over States hitmaker has actually not been eating enough.

He looked back on his eating habits and got aware about it for the first time how when on the road, he had 'fallen into the groove of just eating crap all the time, and just eating at the wrong time of day when he came off stage at night.'

He was not eating enough and when he was eating, it was always later than when he should actually have been eating. So, both his health and weight were affected because of that.

Thus, with the help from the nutritionist, Jason Aldean started eating better and way more than he ever did before. He also started working out and his metabolism fired back up. And he was successful in getting back to his normal size when he was younger which, according to him, was 'pretty thin.'

Not only his weight, but Jason Aldean's improved diet also has impacted his energy level on the road. To not deviate from his new diet regimen while touring, he has hired an on-the-road chef who keeps a list of certain foods stocked up for him on the tour bus.

The country singer has also adopted a more healthy way of living besides making changes in when and what he eats. He has started drinking water a lot more and he also takes care to have enough sleep and not overwork. He has also begun taking vitamins which he says ultimately keep him from meeting the mid-day and end-of-the-night crashes that he always used to face.

About his workout sessions, Jason Aldean doesn't want anything too intense so prefers playing basketball for three hours and having fun over getting on a treadmill and running for 10 minutes and being done.

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