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Is Verbalase Transphobic?

Jan 24, 2024 @ 11:41 EST
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Is Verbalase Transphobic?

Many people believe Verbalase is transphobic as he recently made comment about not liking people 'pretending to be girls when they're not.' He also added that one should represent themselves (sexually) from the time they were born.

Adym Steven Evans, better known as Verbalase on social media, is an American hybrid singer, rapper, impressionist, sound effects, and loop artist who is well-known for his animated YouTube series, Cartoon Beatbox Battles, in which characters from major franchises engage in a musical rivalry.

Evans uses beatboxing, rapping, singing, sound effects, and other improvisational vocalizations to produce remixes of popular songs and cartoon theme song mash-ups. Originally from Montclair, California, with a brief stint in Las Vegas, he later relocated to New York City in 2011 and has since developed his skills busking on the subways and streets.

On the other hand, Verbalase is currently making headlines because of his recent comment about transgender people. As a result, he is widely criticized for being transphobic. Well, let's discuss the controversy in detail.

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Verbalase Labeled as Transphobic for His Comment About Not Liking Transgender People!

Screenshots of Verbalase's (@verbalase) comments about disliking trans people on Discord are going viral across all social platforms. especially on Twitter. As a result, many people have been labeling him transphobic.

Well, he recently addressed the time he along with his family went to Disneyland in 2018. He claimed that it was family-friendly at the time as there was "no preaching about gender and gay stuff."

Verbalase then added that he would never take his children there now if he had any children since there are a lot of people and characters representing the LGBTQ+ community. He addressed the subject in multiple comments. In one of those, he wrote,

Like I don't like people pretending to be girls when they're not. If it's a role-playing thing, it's still weird but understandable. I think if it was just joking around that's fine but when you try and pretend to be another person in real life, that's when there's a deep rooted issue that needs to get resolved. You should never hate what you're being born as. You should never hate what you are.

With this, a lot of people have been criticizing and labeling him "transphobic" for his harsh comments. His statements clearly confirm that he is not a fan of transgender or other people from the LGBTQ+ community.

Verbalase's Hazbin Hotel Drama Cotervesy Explained!

Early in 2024, YouTuber Verbalase gained attention after posting a contentious video on the platform that included characters from the Hazbin Hotel. The video in question saw the cartoon YouTube star being pursued by Hazbin stalwart Charlie Morningstar and eventually assaulted by the character.

Verbalase aka Adym Steven Evans is getting a lot of backlashes for his comment on queer people. netflixdeed.comVerbalase aka Adym Steven Evans is getting a lot of backlashes for his comment on queer people.
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According to X (previously Twitter) user, this explicit and disputed piece of animation cost the creator $50,000 and has apparently driven the YouTube creator into bankruptcy. This comes after Verbalase (aka Adym Steven Evans) allegedly used queerphobic words online.

Likely, One X user shared leaked screenshots of several Discood comments from Evans, in which he discussed preaching of gender and gay stuff" while on a trip to a Disney Park, identity politics, and protecting children from what he noticed as harmful identity politics shared by the LGBTQ community.

Hazbin Hotel and Vivienne "VivziePop" Medrano have established a culture that is highly supportive of the queer population, making some fans feel as if Evans is directly targeting them with these racist comments. Since the previously mentioned clip starring a Hazbin character and Verbalase's closed-minded views surfaced, the author has maintained an online presence, with new videos still being uploaded to his own YouTube channel.

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