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Has Rod Stewart Had Plastic Surgery?

Jan 4, 2024 @ 5:38 EST
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Has Rod Stewart Had Plastic Surgery?

There's a rumor circulating on the Internet that Rod Stewart has had plastic surgery like Botox, fillers, and a facelift to help him age gracefully and maintain a youthful appearance. He is already in his late 80s but still looks as if he is in his 50s. 

Rod Stewart is a British rock and pop singer and songwriter who is one of the best-selling music artists of all time, having sold more than 120 million records worldwide with his trademark raspy singing voice. In the United Kingdom, he has ten number-one albums and 31 top-ten singles, six of which have reached number one.

Likely, the 78-year-old singer has had 16 top-ten songs in the United States, including four that reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100. In addition, he received a knighthood for his contributions to music and charitable giving during the 2016 Birthday Honours.

On the other hand, a rumour on the Internet is circulating on the Internet that Rod Stewart might have received plastic surgery as he does not look like he is in his 80s. Well, let's find out what the truth is.

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Rod Stewart Accused of Receiving Plastic Surgery to Prevent Aging!

The first thing that springs to mind when you think of plastic surgery is women. But, believe it or not, males, too, go under the knife. We live in a society where looks are important, and male celebrities enjoy looking nice just as much as female celebrities. In the same way, many people believe Rod Stewart (@sirrodstewart) has also received some cosmetic procedures to enhance his appearance.

Rod Stewart before and after plastic surgery. netflixdeed.comRod Stewart before and after plastic surgery.
Image Source: TMZ 

The singer is said to have had numerous plastic surgery treatments to help him age gracefully and look young and fresh. You may be aware that he is already in his late 80s, which means he should be showing signs of ageing. However, he appears young even in his late 80s. He should have a lot of wrinkles on his face by now. This type of ageing indicator is almost certainly shared by everyone else the singer's age. Because he does not appear to be the same age as everyone else.

Rod Stewart still has a youthful appearance with no wrinkles on his face, which is unusual given his age. Similarly, because males do not utilise excessive skin care products, they will show signs of ageing as they normally would. However, we must analyse how he can keep his skin looking so young if he does not take precautions to avoid ageing.

The solution should be dependent on the procedure he chooses. However, the process he employs is not natural because natural operations would have to be carried out a long time ago and the effects would not be as striking as he now has. The sole solution to his procedure is rumoured to be Botox injection and fillers because there is no other way for him to get such a beautiful appearance.

Another rumour about Rod Stewart's plastic surgery is a facelift as there is a lot of drooping skin on his face. Other persons his age have probably developed a lot of drooping skin around their faces. They normally let it alone because it is natural for sagging to appear on their skin, especially as they become older. However, because he works in the music entertainment sector and is required to host a show and represent other people, he was unable to acquire all of the ageing indicators that everyone else has.

That is why Rod Stewart may have chosen facelift surgery to raise the sagging skin around his face. This is critical for his professional advancement, thus he must have plastic surgery operations. Many people assume he's had several surgeries, but because he hasn't admitted to it, it's all just rumours and supposition.

Rod Stewart and His Two Boys Are Carrying on a Family Legacy!

Rod Stewart recently posed for a photo with his wife, Penny Lancaster, and their two boys, Aiden and Alastair. For the family photo commemorating the new year, all three males dressed in traditional Scottish kilts.  The Maggie May singer captioned the shot,

A dedication to my wonderful Scottish father #happynewyear @aidenstew_1888 @alastairwstewart.

Rod Stewart along with his wife, Penny Lancaster, and their two boys. Rod Stewart along with his wife, Penny Lancaster, and their two boys.
Image Source: Instagram

Previously, in an interview with Haute Living's November 2023 cover story, the rock legend expressed his pleasure in his children and explained how gentle he is with them. He stated,

I don’t think I’m as strict with my kids as my mom and dad — especially my dad — were. I’m very lenient with them. None have gotten into any serious trouble. A couple dabbled with drugs, but that’s all done now. I’m very proud of them all.

Likely, Rod Stewart also stated that when he's on the road, he misses his family so much and that seeing his loved ones is a wonderful luxury when he returns home. During an interview, the legendary singer also mentioned that his parents were supportive of his musical career. He noted, "They were very cooperative with me," and that his father had purchased his first guitar despite his preference for a model part for his train set.

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