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Who Is Hank Lockwood’s Girlfriend?

Jan 16, 2024 @ 9:58 EST
Who Is Hank Lockwood’s Girlfriend?

Talking about Hank Lockwood's girlfriend, he has recently been linked with Tiffany Gomas. The rumor all began after the couple were spotted together watching the Cowboys-Packers wild-card game on Jan 15.

Henry “Hank” Lockwood, also known as Hank Lockwood, is a sports producer who has produced Barstool Sports, Pardon My Take, and Stool Streams. Some may also recognize him as Handsome Hank, specifically those in the sports sector.

As we know, the world of social media frequently provides a stage for intriguing narratives and personalities that pique the collective interest of the online audience. Recently, an unusual story involving Tiffany Gomas and a certain Hank Lockwood surfaced, capturing the attention of netizens worldwide. So, is Tiffany Hank's girlfriend? Well, find out the truth.

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Hank Lockwood Is Reportedly Dating His Rumored Girlfriend, Tiffany Gomas!

Recently, producer Hank Lockwood (@henrylockwood1) and Tiffany Gomas (@tiffanygomas) attended the Dallas Cowboys-The Green Bay Packers wild-card game on Jan 15. The couple even shared images on their respective social media sites.  Since then, there have been rumors spread that they are currently in a relationship as girlfriend and boyfriend.

The producer also shared a video of himself preparing for the game, showing him and Gomas toasting their drinks with the comment, "Cowboys by 50." Green Bay thrashed the Cowboys 48-32, snapping Dallas' 16-game home winning streak. That means he lost his bet to his girlfriend, so he had to jump into her 15-degree pool with his clothes on after the game.

Hank Lockwood and his rumored girlfriend, Tiffany Gomas. netflixdeed.comHank Lockwood and his rumored girlfriend, Tiffany Gomas.
Image Source: Reddit

As we can see, Hank Lockwood rushed through Gomas' home dripping wet after jumping in and out of the pool, slipping and falling, and puncturing a hole in her wall with his knee, as seen in a different video she published on social media. In a post on X, he stated, "Out 4-6 six weeks. Broken knee." Some Barstool employees were amused by his demise, while others commented on the dating craze. Later, the radio host Kelly Keegs stated,

I don’t think that they’re dating. I think that there are too many theatrics. There are too many videos… It feels very much made for Twitter.

Similarly, PFT Commentator, who co-hosts the podcast "Pardon My Take" with Dan "Big Cat" Katz, uploaded a photo of Lockwood's hole in Gomas' wall and remarked, “I guess he’s just gona have to go back to Dallas to fix it.” Later, Lockwood created a commotion on social media in December when he published a 2023 recap video starring Gomas. He wrote, “Tried to post a wholesome recap of fun pictures I enjoyed from 2023 and all anyone cares about is @tiffanygomas. Sad!” To which Gomas replied, “About time. You had me in my feels.”

However, Hank Lockwood and Gomas Tiffany have not confirmed their relationship. Despite the enormous interest in his love life and the identity of her potential partner, the reality remains unclear. The couple saga continues to captivate their fans, who eagerly await an official confirmation or rejection of their rumored romance. Meanwhile, their social media chatter fuels speculation, adding a dynamic layer to their already enthralling public personas.

Why Did Hank Lockwood Break Up With His Ex-girlfriend, Maria Ciuffo?

Before dating his rumored girlfriend, Tiffany Gomas, Hank Lockwood was in a relationship with Maria Ciuffo, aka Ria (@mariaciuffo). However, on June 21, 2021, it was revealed that the former couple who worked for Barstool Sports, had broken up. Many people were surprised by the news, especially since Hank and Ria were known as the original couple at Barstool.

Hank Lockwood and his ex-girlfriend, Maria Ciuffo aka Ria. netflixdeed.comHank Lockwood and his ex-girlfriend, Maria Ciuffo aka Ria.
Image Source: Couch Gay Sports

Later, Ria addressed the breakup on Twitter, noting that there was no easy way to break the news but that she and Hank had decided to stop their relationship. Despite the breakup, she stated that they still loved and respected each other. She also stated that she would be discussing the situation on her podcast, Chicks in the Office.

Hank Lockwood and his former girlfriend's breakup drew attention from the Barstool Sports community and fans who had followed their romance. People were surprised by the announcement because the couple was regarded as one of the company's renowned couples.

Following the announcement, many fans and supporters expressed their condolences while also encouraging Hank and Ria. Currently, the news serves as a reminder that relationships, especially among famous personalities, may be difficult, and that it is critical to address such circumstances with empathy and respect.

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