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MAFS Star Erica Roberts' Recent Weight Gain Explained

Nov 23, 2023 @ 4:06 EST
MAFS Star Erica Roberts' Recent Weight Gain Explained

Many people are curious to know the reason behind Erica Roberts' recent weight gain. Although the MAFS star has not mentioned anything regarding her transformation, some people believe she might be pregnant. 

Erica Roberts is a Scottish dancer and content creator. She started earning fame after appearing on the reality show Married at First Sight (MAFS). She is also known as an influencer who has more than 102K followers on her Instagram, where she posts about her daily life activities.

Recently, people have been curious to know if Erica and Jordan from MAFS UK are still together or not. After the show, when they were asked about their relationship, Erica decided that she wanted to be with Jordan, and Jordan also offered the same decision in his final vows, and they went hand in hand. The couple still makes vlogs, and people love to see their fun content.

On the other hand, many people have observed Erica's weight gain in recent days. As a result, they want to know the reason behind her transformation. Is she pregnant? Let's find it out.

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Erica Roberts From MAFS Has Undergone Evident Weight Gain in Recent Years

Erica Roberts' (@ericarobertss_) weight gain has been a hot topic on the internet. When Erica and her partner Jordan showed their performances on Strictly Come Dancing, people started noticing Erica's physical transformation. Some people think the MAFS star is pregnant, while some of the fans have already started body-shaming her.

Erica Roberts after the weight gain. netflixdeed.comErica Roberts after the weight gain.
Image Source: Instagram

Being an influencer is not easy; people want to know your 24-hour updates. Recently, when Erica posted a picture on November 20, 2023, captioning it as celebrating, people started asking about the reason behind the celebration. While some people take the caption very lightly, others have been pointing out and spreading rumors about her pregnancy and her having a weight gain.

In the picture, Erica's tummy seems to look a little fatter than before, which is why people are curious to know if she is pregnant or if she has undergone weight gain. Well, if she is pregnant, we will be looking forward to hearing the news, but until she confirms the rumors, the news of her being pregnant is baseless.

How Much Weight Has Erica Gained?

Although people used to appreciate a slim and maintain body in the past, today, people are realizing that every size of the body is perfect. However, some people don't seem to be over the criticism, and people still criticize people on their physical appearance. Similarly, Erica's weight gain has also been a topic of discussion on Reddit.

Erica Roberts and her partner, Jordan. netflixdeed.comErica Roberts and her partner, Jordan.
Image Source: Instagram

When the Reddit users posted about Erica Roberts and Jordan's appearance on Strictly last night, some people started commenting on Erica's weight gain. People, in the comment section, said that Erica looks so different in her look, while some said that she has gained weight and is the sole reason for being in a healthy relationship.

Until now, nothing has been confirmed, and there is no information on how much weight she has, but knowing her before and after, she must have been a little heavy. However, we must admit the change is favoring her and she looks as good as she used to look before.

Erica Roberts Reveals That She Broke a Rule During Her Time at MAFS

On November 10, 2023, Erica Roberts posted a TikTok video revealing her breaking a wardrobe rule while she was in MAFS. When a fan asked if she had given outfits for the dinner parties or if they were all her clothes by complimented her outfits to be 10/10 on the show, she replied that she broke the rule to maintain her appearance.

Erica said that all the clothes people saw the co-star wear were their clothes, and that was probably one of the most stressful things before going on with the process. She even said that she almost forgot she was marrying a stranger because she was stressing more about how many outfits she was going to bring and what she needed to pack. She stated;

I think I had six suitcases - we was only meant to be allowed three - but I'm an overpacker and didn't know how long we was going to be away for. It was a lot.

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