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Dove Cameron Before Plastic Surgery: Has the Descendents Star Undergone Any Cosmetic Enhancement Procedure? Before & After Pictures Examined!

Jun 23, 2022 @ 1:51 EDT
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Dove Cameron Before Plastic Surgery: Has the Descendents Star Undergone Any Cosmetic Enhancement Procedure? Before & After Pictures Examined!

Dove Cameron (real name: Chloe Celeste Hosterman) has recently been accused of undergoing multiple plastic surgery procedures. The Descendents star, 26, looks very different now when compared with her before and after pictures. Her plastic surgery rumors include rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, fillers, breast augmentation, and more. Moreover, she also fixed her teeth. Follow the article to know more about Dove Cameron's plastic surgery rumors.

Making her way into the golden screens as a Disney star, Dove Cameron is recognized as an actor and a singer. Known for her dual role as the eponymic character in the Disney Channel comedy series Liv and Maddie, Dove has many credits under her name, thus making herself one of the successful stars and influencers.

Along with Liv and Maddie being one of her popular, Dove Cameron portrayed Mal in the Descendants film series. She also starred in the live television musical Hairspray Live! where her incredible performance stunned many. Also, a soulful singer, Cameron's official debut musical release, Bloodshot / Waste, was released in 2019.

Before that, she made her debut with the soundtrack album to Liv and Maddie and also released her debut single, If Only, for Descendants.

Following a list of achievements, Dove Cameron is also well admired for her doll-like appearance. Plumpy face with green eyes, Dove's alluring beauty is talked about quite often. However, many believe that it's all plastic surgery. So, here's a look at Dove Cameron's before and after analysis to confirm the plastic surgery speculations.

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Dove Cameron Plastic Surgery Rumors: Speculations of Rhinoplasty, Blepharoplasty, Fillers & Breast Augmentation With Before and After Pictures!

Commended not just for her talent but equally alluring looks, Dove Cameron (@dovecameron) couldn't escape from the speculations of plastic surgery. Starting her career as a child actress for Disney, Dove getting plastic surgery is not much digestible for fans thus creating all the fuss.

Looking at Dove Cameron's before and after pictures, the star sure does look different. On brief analysis, her nose appears slimmer and more defined than before indicating signs of Rhinoplasty. As the procedure is used to change the shape of the nose, this explains the changes in Dave's nose shape. From slandered nose without a prominent bridge to a much slimmer up-turned nose, Cameron's small nose shows clear signs of plastic surgery.

Another significant change in Dove Cameron's face from her before and after the transition is his downturned eyes which are now upturned and slender. This could be due to blepharoplasty surgery where droopy eyelids are repaired removing excess skin, muscle, and fat. This surgery is used to change hooded eyes into the trending cat eye which gives the face a snatched look.

Comparing the size of Dove's lips before and after, they too surely look different. From thin lips to fuller and pulpy lips, Dave Cameron surely has fillers on her lips to make them appear full and juicy as they are now. Furthermore, she also claimed to have wrecked teeth which she later fixed by spending thousands of dollars.

It's also been speculated that Dove Cameron has had breast augmentations as her breasts look bigger now. Boob jobs aren't uncommon in Hollywood now. Many celebrities opt for the procedure to get their desired breast sizes. However, there are not many shreds of evidence to confirm the rumor. It could just be her body growing naturally or her clothing that makes her breasts appear bigger.

Plastic surgery or simpler cosmetic procedures to enhance facial features according to one's likeness is very common not just among celebrities and influencers but also among normal folks. So, it wouldn't be a big surprise if Dove Cameron actually had one or many.  The star however hasn't confirmed or denied any of the allegations of plastic surgery, thus all of it still remains a mystery.

Dove Cameron Explains Coming Out as Queer Put Her in a Better Mental Space!

Dove Cameron's life has changed dramatically after she first came out as queer in 2020, and then again in 2021. Ever since coming out, Dove's mental health as she claims is better than how it used to be.

Dove also opened up about her fears and apprehensions before coming out. She revealed that she was never worried about anyone finding out who she was in love with she stated. In a profession that can be so anti-human, Dove stated that she was especially terrified of people having access to the human side of her.

All of it was a really emotional experience for the actress, but it ended out to be the finest thing that could have occurred to her. She exclaimed that mentally she has come a long way.

The former Disney actress earlier came out as queer in a feature article for Gay Times, where she discussed how her We Belong video was accused of queerbaiting. She also explained that she had been hinting about her sexuality for years because she was terrified to say it out loud. She explained,

"I did a lyric video last year for 'We Belong.' It had moving line drawings of people falling in love…It was all a man and a woman making out, and it was a weird moment for me."

The actress recently made an emotional Instagram post where she opened up about her struggles. She captioned, "identity vs the self !!! depression & dysphoria. the self is someone i feel i have always deeply known, someone i deeply love and protect, like my own child, i know this self and we are very close. for me, identity and the self have always been diametrically opposed, and there has only ever been room for one at a time to occupy my life."

Cameron ends the lengthy post hoping that the public platform that has been difficult for her to learn to take up space as herself can actually be the conduit for change/mutual support/exploration/safety. 

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