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Did Pam Hupp Get Plastic Surgery? Facelift Speculations Addressed!

Mar 28, 2022 @ 15:03 EDT
Did Pam Hupp Get Plastic Surgery? Facelift Speculations Addressed!

Pam Hupp is apparently suspected of having plastic surgery on her face as the latest question about her, in the wake of The Thing About Pam, points out. However, whether or not she has undergone plastic surgery, allegedly a facelift, is not known because most people tend to only focus on her murder case.

The Thing About Pam, a new NBC series, the latest one based on a true crime story about the murder of Betsy Faria by Pam Hupp, has brought the two-time Oscar winner Renne Zellweger in a completely different form.

The measures (prosthetics) taken to look like Pam have directed people to wonder about Pam Hupp's looks and if Pam Hupp's got plastic surgery done.

Did Pam Hupp Get Plastic Surgery?

Did Pam Hupp get plastic surgery? It's a very curious question, a valid or rather not a non-sensical one but nonetheless curious and thought-provoking in an entirely different direction. Because here we have a psychopathic killer, the perpetrator of one of the most scandalous and publicized murder cases. And people think to ask what kind of plastic surgery did Pam Hupp get? A bit unbelievable but whatever!

The subject of plastic surgery would not cross my mind if I hear about her in the context of the crime she's committed. And in light of what she's done, any curiosities or discussions about such comparatively trivial issues do not stand.

But still, now that the question has been posed if you would really like to know if or not the diabolical evil incarnate did get plastic surgery like that matters in any way, then I can just tell you that she pleaded not guilty to the murder of her cancer-stricken friend Betsy Faria, not to plastic surgery.

And when Pam Hupp entered an Alford guilty plea, which is just a passive admission in silence, to the murder of physically and mentally disabled Louis Royse Gumpenberger, she was not passively admitting to plastic surgery.

So, you will find that your guess is as good as mine. However, never mind whether or not lovely Pamela's got plastic surgery done because I think you will be much interested to know about the murders she's done.

Also, to suspect plastic surgery, no offense to the slayer of friends and defenseless but she looks nothing special. She looks just like any of the average white women. The next-door killer she is called sometimes for this very reason. A killer we could all relate to. Because of the appearance and air of not having plastic surgery.

But still, it is possible that Pam Hupp has got minor tweaks done, possibly a facelift, because plastic surgery has become very common and is no longer being gatekept by the glam industry.

Anyway, the physical transformation Pam Hupp might have or not have undergone but who did have a discussion-worthy physical transformation is Renee Zellweger in order to impersonate her in every way to play the convicted killer on the NBC true crime series The Thing About Pam.

In preparation for the role of Pam Hupp, according to Variety, Renee worked with Arjen Tuiten, a makeup artist who has more than 20 years of experience in prosthetics.

Tuiten made it his homework to watch and observe videos of the real-life Hupp to see her expressions and how she looks and how she would hold her arms. He said that he also looked at her nose and how it would look when she turned.

He also would see things like where she had plastic surgery. So, real-life Pam Hupp did have plastic surgery! But let's not go there again! We have come so far already.

Anyway, for the part, Renee chose not to gain weight and instead went with wearing a full bodysuit because when she put on 30 pounds for Bridget Jones' Diary, it had a negative impact on her health. There was an outcry for not casting an actor with the same body type.

Tuiten and Renne first interacted during Zoom sessions where Tuiten assessed Renee's willingness to undergo the grueling application process on a daily basis. On getting the affirmation from Renee that she wanted to play the character and said she would do whatever it took for that, Tuiten did magic with the prosthetics.

More than one hour; exactly eighty minutes, it took to apply the facial and body prosthetics and to achieve the looks of Pam Hupp the killer. There were cheekpieces that went all the way up to the temple. There was also the chin piece, the nose piece, and a neckpiece that went all the way around.

Tuiten said that the prosthetics were applied with great care as not to completely cover up that star's face as he wanted her to have enough room to feel comfortable while acting. Aside from the face prosthetics, forearm and even ankle pieces were also used daily. And this was all over they could move on to hair, wardrobe, and makeup.

Regarding makeup, the aim was to give Pam Hupp a relatable and familiar look as told by the makeup department head Carla Brenholtz. She explained that Pam was a character about whom anybody could say that she was their daughter's best friend's mom. Based on that, she said that the team created the other characters; around Pamela.

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