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Vanderpump Rules: Charli Burnett's Weight Gain is Making Rounds on the Internet!

Jan 29, 2022 @ 12:29 EST
Vanderpump Rules: Charli Burnett's Weight Gain is Making Rounds on the Internet!

Charli Burnett from Vanderpump Rules recently opened up on Instagram about her weight gain of about 45 pounds at the beginning of 2020, which was the consequence of the pandemic that led to her being depressed. She has lost that weight and is much healthier and fit now.

Charli Burnett has come to become a very important and loved cast in Vanderpump Rules. She first made an appearance on the reality show in Season 8 as a recurring cast member.

But after a series of events involving firing a lot of cast members from the show for different reasons, the reality series had space to be filled. So, Charli Burnett was promoted to a full-time cast in Season 9 of Vanderpump Rules.

In the reality show, Burnett has displayed candor in showing her relationship with food and she has talked about combating her personal struggles, which has endeared her to the fans. So, the viewers have been invested in her personal life since the show aired.

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Charli Burnett's Weight Gain of 45 Pounds During the Pandemic

Charli Burnett's weight gain is one of the hottest topics that her fans are engaging in on the internet right now. The Vanderpump Rules star made an honest and vulnerable post on Instagram about her struggles with her weight on October 20, 2021.

She opened up about how she had been on a downward spiral since the start of 2020 when she lost her career and thus, her independence. Though she did not mention how it came to that, it's not hard to guess that it might be because of the global pandemic that is not over yet.

Due to that, her mental health took a hit, and Charli Burnett fell into a deep depression.  All she did during those days was eat and drink at what she calls her rock bottom.

On top of that, the reality star got surgery for her foot, which caused physical discomfort and took a toll on her mentally as well.

Being out of a job, and the entire world in such hopeless and dreary times, she was unable to pick herself up. And just binge-eating and drinking without taking care of herself got her a hefty 45 pounds.

So, to answer the question of whether Charli Burnett gained weight, yes she did. It's not a healthy story due to the circumstances.

But the television personality has come through. She's made it. She has gotten off the floor and gotten rid of the booze and junk food. And she has restarted her life after that setback.

She has lost that weight and gained a new perception of the struggles of life. She's proud of how she has handled herself. Charli has shared pictures of herself before and after weight loss. She looks incredible in both those pictures but she has a lovely smile only on the after picture.

The Bravo star seems to be on a roll since then. On November 14, 2021, she took to Instagram to share and celebrate with her followers her fitness. She won a fitness contest. Her hard work has paid off and she's no longer the depressed overweight girl.

Is Charli Burnett Single or is She in a Relationship?

Viewers got a first glimpse of Charli Burnett's partner on the November 9 episode of Vanderpump Rules. The man Charli's smitten with and is in a relationship with is Corey Loftus.

The love birds appear to have been in a relationship for at least four years from their picture as a couple posted on Instagram in June 2017. The pair are going strong. In fact, Charli Burnett confirmed in an episode of Vanderpump Rules that she is going to be moving with Corey soon.

Corey Loftus has formed a closer relationship with the crew of Vanderpump Rules than his girlfriend has as she seems to be occupied with SUR.

After some internet stalking, we can say about Corey that Corey Loftus is currently based in the greater San Diego area and is from Los Angeles. His LinkedIn page shows that he used to work as an eCommerce strategist and digital marketing consultant.

He served as an eCommerce strategist for POWERDOT Inc and as a digital marketing consultant for The Brand Elevate. He left his job at POWERDOT Inc after three works of working there in September 2021. His present employment status is a bit unclear at the moment.

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