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Some Fans Believe Austin Butler Is Used to Plastic Surgery

Feb 6, 2024 @ 9:26 EST
Some Fans Believe Austin Butler Is Used to Plastic Surgery

Austin Butler has been suspected of undergoing multiple plastic surgery procedures like Botox, facelift, lip fillers, jaw reconstruction surgery, and a nose job. Well, let's examine his transformation in detail.

Austin Robert Butler (aka Austin Butler) is an American actor well known for his role as Elvis Presley in the musical biopic Elvis. He began his career on television, initially on the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, and then on adolescent dramas, including recurring roles on The CW's Life Unexpected and Switched at Birth.

However, with all the gain in fame, Austin Butler has also received a lot of criticism due to his stunning appearance. Many fans believe the actor must have gone under the knife as his facial features appeared unnatural compared to a regular human. So, what plastic surgery procedures he may have undergone? Well, let's have a look.

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Austin Butler Is Said to Have Received Numerous Plastic Surgery Procedures to Enhance His Appealing Appearance!

When the film Elvis was released, many liked Austin Butler (@austinbutler) for pretending to be Elvis Presley. Many fans on the internet believe he does not look like he did when he was younger. So, some admirers believe he underwent plastic surgery, such as Botox, facelift, lip fillers, jaw reconstruction surgery, and a nose job to enhance his appealing appearance.

Austin Butler's latest appearance after plastic surgery. netflixdeed.comAustin Butler's latest appearance after plastic surgery.
Image Source: Instagram

In Hollywood, where competition is intense, it is not common for celebrities to contemplate plastic surgery to improve their looks and confidence in their careers. People on social media, especially fans of the actor, have been sharing their opinions and comments on the claimed changes to his appearance.

The most visible change seems to be in his jaw. Some believe his nose seems smaller as if it has been worked on. Also, it appears that his jawline has been shaved, which affects the bridge of his nose and improves its appearance on his face. However, it's crucial to realize that these discussions are based on observations and opinions, and the actor may or may not have addressed these points.

Although fans have observed a few noticeable changes in Austin Butler's appearance, he has yet to comment on rumors that he may have had plastic surgery. It makes no difference whether he has plastic surgery or not. He has a lot of fans who like and love him for who he is and what he does. Everyone has the freedom to select what they want to do with their bodies to feel better about themselves. Acting looks can be essential, and some people may opt for plastic surgery to help them stand out in this competitive business.

Austin Butler Previously Opened Up About His Physical Changes!

Although Austin Butler may not have undergone a permanent transformation, he spoke with Variety in February 2023 about the physical changes he endured to reflect the late Heartbreak Hotel crooner's transition over two decades. The Anaheim, California, native revealed,

I did [put on weight] in the beginning, especially when I was trying to get the part before Baz welcomed me on the journey, and we were trying to figure out if I could play older Elvis. My agent actually told me, ‘They don’t know if you can play older Elvis, so I think you need to gain some weight.’

Austin Butler rose to fame after playing the role of Sebastian Kydd in The Carrie Diaries. netflixdeed.comAustin Butler rose to fame after playing the role of Sebastian Kydd in The Carrie Diaries.
Image Source: Instagram

The Carrie Diaries alum went on to say that he heard Ryan Gosling microwaved Häagen-Dazs and drank it while filming, The Lovely Bones. He recalled,

I would go get two dozen doughnuts and eat them all. I really started to pack on some pounds. It’s fun for a week or so, and then you feel awful about yourself. But we were planning on shooting chronologically in the beginning. That quickly went out the window, and especially with COVID, it was just impossible.

The actor in Dune: Part Two was supposed to switch back and forth between the King of Rock 'N' Roll's youthful and older appearances. As a result of the unpredictable filming schedule, he was unable to stick to his weight-gain strategy. After work restarted following the 2020 pandemic, the Zoey 101 alum had to use different physical things to mimic Elvis' growth, which involved the usage of prosthetic cheekbones and makeup.

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