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Alex Cooper's Plastic Surgery: Photoshopped Picture, Young, Old Photos!

Jan 20, 2022 @ 13:09 EST
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Alex Cooper's Plastic Surgery: Photoshopped Picture, Young, Old Photos!

Alex Cooper finally accepts rumors about her plastic surgery but is scared of having any implants in the coming days. Fans seek her old photos from when she was young to determine her plastic surgery. Moreover, the query for the problematic star Alex Cooper's photoshopped picture as well as before and after photoshop is off the charts.

Alexandra Cooper also known as Alex Cooper, the latest cosmetic query, is an American blogger, YouTuber, and podcaster best known for co-hosting Call Her Daddy, a popular podcast with Sofia Franklyn.

Cooper rose to prominence in 2016 as an on-air studio anchor with Dirty Water Media. She even made news in 2017 when she was photographed kissing MLB pitcher Noah Syndergaard at a Knicks game. The pair, however, is no longer together.

Alexandra Cooper (@alexandracooper) and Sofia Franklyn launched Call Her Daddy, a comedy and advice podcast in 2018. Barstool Sports used to own and distribute the podcast until June 2021, when it was reported that Cooper had negotiated a $60 million exclusive agreement with Spotify.

The podcast's marketing is still handled by Barstool. Cooper and Franklyn were involved in a reported feud with Barstool founder David Portnoy in late spring 2020, which culminated in Franklyn's departure. Cooper and Barstool came to a deal, and Cooper proceeded to host the program on her own.

Alex Cooper Opens Up About Her Plastic Surgery: Is It Photoshopped Picture?

Alex Cooper is becoming more open about the secrets to her flawless beauty. Cooper comes back with a shocker after admitting to photoshopping her images (rather than plastic surgery) that found their way to social media and promised never to do it again.

Cooper admitted she spent a significant amount of time looking her best, getting her hair done, and spray-tanning on a recent episode of her Call Her Daddy podcast, which aired on November 28, 2021. She was very open about the cosmetic surgeries she had undergone to improve her appearance.

Alex Cooper was rumored to have had plastic surgery and even Botox to achieve glowing skin for years. As a result, the host of the podcast put the record straight once and for all. She said that she had undergone Botox for the first time in her life and that she had applied filler on her forehead.

According to Alex Cooper, she received Botox on her trip to New York. "I was freaking out," she remembered the session, also recalling how a woman consoled her by saying that she would be okay. Cooper remembered feeling light-headed, even though she didn't pass out.

Alex Cooper Claims She is Incapable of Having Implants

Alex Cooper admitted she suffered vasovagal syncope, a condition in which a person might pass out due to the sight of blood, great excitement, or terror, just before the reveal.

"I've passed out on needles and blood my whole life," the podcaster explained before revealing that her mother had the same problem. Because of the same, she said she couldn't receive contraceptive implants for birth control.

She expressed her inability to live with the knowledge that something was within her body. As a result, she had to depend on medications for birth control, which had negative effects on her skin and made her period painful.

After disclosing her problem, Alex Cooper added that she would never be able to have breast implants as a result of it. She reasoned that the vasovagal nerve would prevent her from fully appreciating the situation. The mere thought of feeling anything within her flesh, on the other hand, would make her life difficult.

Overall, the social media star has ruled out the possibility of receiving implants in the future. Interestingly, earlier in 2018, the Pennsylvania resident had denied getting cosmetic surgery. She denied going under the knife to improve her body shape while responding to a pressing question from her fans and followers.

Instead, she claimed that her photo on the podcast's cover was manipulated. We hope she sticks with her words about being incapable of having implants this time.

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