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What Did John McAfee Do Wrong? What Happened to Him? The Netflix Documentary Explains His Story in Detail!

Aug 26, 2022 @ 11:38 EDT
What Did John McAfee Do Wrong? What Happened to Him? The Netflix Documentary Explains His Story in Detail!

'What did John McAfee do wrong?' is currently trending after Netflix released the documentary about the story and death of a tech millionaire, John McAfee. At first, John revealed he didn't pay any taxes for almost a decade. Later, he was also charged with DUI and possessing a handgun. In addition to that, John was suspected of murdering his neighbor. Follow the article to know what actually happened to him and how he died.

The Netflix documentary Running with the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee tells the story of the tech millionaire who led a life worthy of a Hollywood screenplay. Thanks to his antiviral software, John McAfee became well-known all over the world. However, he came to the forefront with a sequence of behaviors that branded him as an incredibly unpredictable man long after his product had become a mainstay for everyone with a computer.

John McAfee is the internet's newest obsession as a result of a flood of fresh attention brought on by a Netflix documentary highlighting his life. The late British-American computer programmer, entrepreneur, and two-time presidential candidate is best known for developing the McAfee antivirus program, but now, millions of people are more interested in the intricacies of his wrongdoings.

During his time on Earth, John McAfee made a lot of progress, but he also encountered some significant difficulties. So, what specifically did McAfee do wrong? Let's find it out.

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What Did John McAfee Do Wrong? The Tech Millionaire Didn’t Pay Any Taxes, Was Involved in Illegal Weapons and Drugs, Was Suspected in a Murder Case & More; Here Is What, according to the Documentary, Actually Happened to Him!

John McAfee didn't seem to have many legal issues for the majority of his life, but that all changed in the 2010s. McAfee told Fox News in 2019 that he hadn't paid any taxes since 2010, according to Esquire. In addition, the mogul was a party to a legal case brought about by the deaths of two people as a result of his involvement in an aerotrekking incident. In Tennessee, McAfee was also charged with DUI and possessing a handgun.

John started spending more and more time at his home in Belize as the heat increased. Even though the businessman had a magnificent villa on the beach on Ambergris Caye, it seemed like he was always in legal trouble. Local law enforcement detained McAfee on suspicion of possessing an unlawful weapon and manufacturing drugs without a permit. 2012 brought the most serious accusation against him: murder.

In fact, according to Reuters, John McAfee was suspected of killing his neighbor Gregory Faull in Belize. In the new Netflix documentary, a native from Belize claims that McAfee and Faull had a falling out because the latter's four dogs bothered Faull's parrots. Faull was discovered the following day with a bullet wound to the head after McAfee's dogs were poisoned and murdered.

According to the report, McAfee ran because he believed that if he turned himself in for questioning, the local police would try to kill him. McAfee was detained for breaking into Guatemala illegally while he was on the run (and filming a Vice documentary. He pretended to have a heart attack, took a flight back to the United States, and started a new life in Miami when locals tried to deport him to Belize.

John McAfee spent more time on the run as his problems attracted the attention of the US government. He left the nation in 2019 because the US Department of Justice was investigating him for tax evasion and running a cryptocurrency pump and dump operation.

He was arrested in a Barcelona prison from the time of his arrest in 2020 until his return to Tennessee on June 23, 2021, when he was set to stand trial. Just hours before his transfer, John allegedly committed suicide while he was still imprisoned.

Before leaving, find out who John McAfee's daughter is. Additionally, know about his mental health and his cause of death.

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