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Thoughts on Nick Dunn’s Racist Behavior to a Hispanic Man

Jan 18, 2024 @ 3:47 EST
Thoughts on Nick Dunn’s Racist Behavior to a Hispanic Man

Nick Dunn's previous racist behavior has gone viral all over the internet. In 2021, one of his videos went viral where he was using racist and slurry words to a Hispanic man. Well, here is everything you need to know about the incident. 

Nick Dunn is a 22-year-old California man whose name started flooding all over the internet after his video went viral. After the video went viral all over the internet, people started talking more about him, and he was a public figure for 2021. Recently, he has been in the news after the video of him being racist has been flooding all over the internet again.

Nick was yelling at a Hispamic, which caught people's attention, and not only the local newspaper but many big television networks covered his news. In the video, he was with his friend, who was wearing an olive green shirt, black trousers, and a cap. The video has made his target negative, and many people are still talking about that incident.

Many people are curious to know how Nick became a racist and what people think of the video. In this article, we will be talking about the video, his personal life, and where he is currently living. Let's get started.

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Nick Dunn’s Racist Behavior Towards a Hispanic Man Going Viral on the Internet!

Nick Dunn's racist behavior has gone viral on social media. There is little information regarding his personal life, but people believe he is a weirdo who doesn't know how to interact with others. In 2021, one of his videos went viral in which he was rude to a Hispanic man, and people began to dislike him for his actions.

There are a lot of questions regarding Dunn, who shows his regular behavior in a video from 2021. He was caught on video using racist and homophobic slurs toward a Hispanic man at a Popeyes restaurant in Escondido, California. At that time, he was wearing a black jacket, a red t-shirt,  and a black hat, matching them with black pants.

Nick was with two other people, the father and son duo, James Bobek and Jimmy Bobek. The video was uploaded by the victim on his social media on January 29, 2021, and people started reporting and responding, which led to the video going viral. Some people say that he is a crackhead, while others say that he should be in prison for being rude to people.

What Are People’s Thoughts on Nick Dunn’s Racist Behavior?

Soon after the video was posted by the victim, people started talking about Nick Dunn's racist behavior. His video also went viral on Reddit, and when one of the users posted his video, people started responding with their thoughts. Some people have hoped that the video keeps popping up every few years until the end of time just to remind society who these shitbirds are.

While some people even find that video disgusting and call him a jobless man with a nonsensical mind, others say that people like him, ignorant racists, and POS are lucky they haven't come across the wrong one. The video made people judge his appearance, and they said that even though he looked big and loveable, his behavior was dumb.

After Nick Dunn's racist behavior, people are concerned that this kind of behavior is not going to stop anywhere soon, nor will the post make any changes. People are still protesting to make racism free all over the world. In our opinion, a person like Nick should have been punished because of his behavior.

Nick Dunn Later Apologized for His Racist Behavior!

The video made Nick Dunn apologize to the media, and he also made a video asking for forgiveness. Although the video seems to ask for forgiveness, he makes a joke topic after the video. People even started hating him more. He said that he supports Trump, that he isn't a white supremacist, and that he is an Eagle Scout.

Nick explained his side of the story and said that he was in a car with two kids, and one minor. When they took little time to pack up their things, a random guy spoke rudely to his group, and they were slow because the restaurant took more than 10 minutes to make their orders.

Nick also blamed the Hispanic man, and people say that he was being racist against himself for his racism. After the video, Nick has not given any update about his life, and as of 2024, there is no information on what is he doing now nor about his current thoughts.

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