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Joanna Teplin's Headbands: What Brand Does She Prefer?

Apr 12, 2022 @ 6:25 EDT
Joanna Teplin's Headbands: What Brand Does She Prefer?

Joanna Teplin has been seen with headbands on her head throughout the season of Get Organized with The Home Edit on Netflix. Those headbands have created curiosity among the audience, and now, many people are invested to know why the founder of The Home Edit, Joanna is obsessed with those headbands.

Co-founder of The Home Edit, Joanna Teplin is one of the popular designers, and now, she has been receiving much more fame after her cast on Netflix's exclusive show, Get Organized with The Home Edit.

Joanna and her co-partner, Clea Shearer invested a total of $4 million into forming this company. Today, this particular company, The Home Edit, has been the major source of income for both businesswomen.

Joanna Teplin and her business partner, Clea Shearer were busy with their usual tedious schedule of designing people's houses, and making money out of it, however, their lives went in a different direction when the popular streaming media, Netflix caught their eyes.

Today, their company, The Home Edit isn't just confined to being a company but it has changed to a reality show. In Get Organized With The Home Edit, the audience noticed Joanna Teplin's headbands obsession and was entirely invested in knowing the reason behind Teplin's headbands.

Joanna Teplin's Headbands Obsession: Get Organized With The Home Edit on Netflix!

Interior designers and their styling methods have always fascinated each one of us, and the demand for designing houses has reached its highest peak. With the burgeoning demand, two Interior designers, Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer formed their company, The Home Edit.

The Home Edit helps its clients to design their houses and make incredible places in their houses. Recently, on 1st April, their design company changed to being a reality show, Get Organized With The Home Edit, and both the businesswomen., Clea and Joanna are the cast members.

Born on 20th August 1979 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Joanna Teplin is a professional American organizer and has been running a home designing company, The Home Edit with her co-partner, Clea Shearer. Talking about her educational qualifications, Joanna attended the University of California and completed her BS in film studies in 2001.

Upon completion of her graduation, Joanna Teplin (@joannateplin) started working in companies that were focused on making greeting cards, and invitations. With time, Joanna Teplin made it to running wedding planning businesses, and today, she is the owner of a million-dollar company, The Home Edit.

Since Joanna's company changed to being a reality show, Get Organized With The Home Edit, she herself was a cast member in the show along with her business partner, Clea. With the frequent appearances on the show, Joanna Teplin caught the public's eyes, and thus, the most noticeable thing about her is the headbands.

In every episode of Get Organized With The Home Edit, Joanna has always adhered to putting headbands in each and every episode. Many people were quite invested to know the reality behind headbands, and Joanna isn't just fascinated with putting the headbands but rather she is indirectly promoting the products.

In other words, Joanna along with her co-partner, Clea launched an organizing collection with Walmart, and Joanna created a particular list for Walmart where she included a white headband decorated with positively ROYGBIV-Esque stripes, a white headband adorned with a dainty, dark blue pattern, an orange and pink striped headband made of terrycloth, and a soft pink, studded design.

How Did Joanna Teplin Meet Her Business Partner, Clea Shearer?

Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer are business partners, and since 2018 they have working together investing in their company, The Home Edit.

Today, they are the cast members in Netflix's popular reality series, Get Organized with The Home Edit. Basically, both Joanna and her co-partner, Clea (@cleashearer) were unaware of each other's existence and they crossed their first path when their mutual friend introduced them to each other.

That's the starting of their friendship, and today, their friendship has evolved into being business partners.

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