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Ranking of the Bling Empire Cast Members Based on Their Net Worth: What Is Their Salary per Episode? Who Is the Richest on the Netflix Show?

Oct 12, 2022 @ 9:28 EDT
Ranking of the Bling Empire Cast Members Based on Their Net Worth: What Is Their Salary per Episode? Who Is the Richest on the Netflix Show?

Many viewers of Netflix's Bling Empire have been eagerly wanting to know the total net worth of the cast members and how much their salary per episode is. In fact, they want to see their ranking only based on their money. Of course, Mimi Morris is the richest person in the show. While their salary per episode is yet to be revealed, here is the estimated net worth of all the cast members. 

Bling Empire, a popular Netflix reality series, follows some of Los Angeles, California's wealthiest people. The show's cast members are entire of East Asian or South East Asian ancestry. Viewers learn more about the personal and professional lives of some of the most well-known figures in Hollywood through the events depicted in the series.

The first season of the show was released on January 2021. After that, Bling Empire Season 2 was also released in May 2022. Following a bling-filled second season, the drama returned for a third season, which debuted on Netflix on October 5, 2022, and consists of 10 episodes with a running time of 40 minutes.

Chèrie Chan and her husband Jessey Lee will not be reprising their roles. Still, other famous cast members will be returning with more glamor, including Mimi Morris, Anna Shay, Christine Chiu, Guy Tang, Jaime Xie, Kane Lim, and Kelly Mi Li.

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Ranking of the Bling Empire Cast Members Based on Their Net Worth: Mimi Morris Is the Richest Cast Member; What Is Their Salary per Episode?

Characters in this new season explore the revelations and connections from the previous season. Kevin Kreider starts his recovery journey as Chiu digs deep with her fertility testing and looks for additional information about his birth family. In addition to these, the characters' extravagant goods and opulent lifestyles have us wondering what these stars are worth. Even if don't have any idea how much their salary is per episode, we'll be ranking them based on their total net worth. Let's get started.

Mimi Morris — $800 million

One of the fresh faces in Season 2 of Bling Empire is Mimi Morris. With a net worth of $800 million, Morris is the cast member who is now the richest. The gorgeous woman is married to Morris Group International CEO Donald Morris.

Anna Shay — $600 million

Among the Bling Empire cast members, Anna Shay (@annashay93) has the second-highest net worth. Shay has a net worth of $600 million, a significant portion of which comes from proceeds from the sale of shares she received from her billionaire father. Pacific Architects and Engineers, which worked with weaponry and other technologies utilized by the military, was founded by Edward Shay, Anna's father.

He left Anna and her brothers the company shares after he passed away. Shay also makes money from her official Instagram account. Every post the reality TV star makes brings in about $1,623.

Cherie Chan and Jessey Lee — $200 million

The combined net worth of this Bling Empire series couple is $200 million. They also have two children. While Cherie Chan's (@cherieofficial) uncle operates a denim empire and she is his heir, Jessey Lee owns his own furniture business. In the past, Chan was on the verge of becoming a pop star in Japan. Even though she had a recording deal with Sony, she was unable to pursue it.

Chan was close to her mother, who died in 2019, and she wished for Chan to lead a more secure lifestyle. Chan decided to end her career as a pop singer as a result. She has about a million followers on Instagram and is a prominent user there. Her average post salary is $3,367.

Gabriel and Christine Chiu — $80 million

Gabriel and Christine Chiu  (@christinechiu) , the show's power couple, have a combined net worth of $80 million. Gabriel Chiu is a prominent plastic surgeon as well as one of the direct ancestors of the Song dynasty, an imperial dynasty of China. Gabriel and Christine both launched Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, a popular destination for celebrities. As a result of the success of their company, their total net worth has multiplied several times over. Christine Chiu, a Taiwanese heiress as well, makes a respectable living off of her Instagram following. For each post, the star charges about $3,585.

Jaime Xie — $50 million

Jamie Xie is a well-known socialite and influencer. The fashionista, who supports herself, has graced the covers of numerous magazines. A significant portion of that comes from Instagram earnings, where she makes about $2,833 for every post. She is also the daughter of Ken Xie, who invented the first firewall/VPN appliance based on an ASIC as well as the first application-specific integrated circuit. The influencer is heir to a substantial portion of her father's fortune.

Kane Lim — $20 million

Recently, Kane Lim (@kanelk_k) gained notoriety when he was named the first South Asian brand ambassador for Rihanna's Fenty Beauty cosmetics line. He said the musician is also a friend of his. His family's investments in oil, real estate, and several other businesses account for a sizable portion of his net worth. Lim also began stock investing when he was just 17 years old, and within two years, he had amassed a million dollars. The influencer lifestyle also brings in a solid income for the actor. He charges about $3,261 for each of his Instagram postings.

Kim Lee — $10 million

Kim Lee is one of the few Bling Empire cast members who generated a sizable portion of their own wealth. The show makes it clear that the celebrity put a lot of effort into being who she is now. She is a model and a well-known DJ. Lee has also appeared in Kanye West and Nicki Minaj's music videos. She even made a brief appearance in The Hangover II (2011). She may charge up to $4,611 for a single post and has about a million Instagram followers.

Dorothy Wang — $10 million

One of the newest cast members of Bling Empire is Dorothy Wang, who debuted in the second season. One of the people who contributed to her net worth is her father, self-made billionaire Roger Wang, who immigrated to the US from Taiwan. He began by investing in Los Angeles condos, and today he is the leader of the real estate development company Golden Eagle International Group.

Additionally, he is ranked 835th in the Forbes billionaires list for 2022. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Dorothy runs a number of companies, including her own jewelry line called Fabuluxe and the champagne company Rich and Bubbly.

Kevin Kreider — $10 million

The estimated net worth of Kevin Kreider  (@kevin.kreider) is $10 million. Kreider has frequently discussed how he is not as wealthy as his fellow cast members, as viewers of the show are aware. In addition, the model doesn't think that these figures now reflect any reality.

Kreider launched the business Be More Matcha and is not only a motivational coach but also a specialist in nutrition and exercise. Additionally, he is the owner of Taejin Entertainment LLC, a production business. The fitness coach makes up to $2,150 for each post as an Instagram influencer.

Kelly Mi Li — $5 million

Kelly Mi Li's  (@kellymili) net worth is estimated to be approximately $5 million. She reportedly worked in New York before moving to Los Angeles, where she began her real estate development career. The stunning actress, who has experience working as a talent manager and film producer, has also worked at a few tech firms. Kelly also makes a solid living as an influencer, working with businesses on her Instagram account frequently and making up to $1,673 for each post.

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