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Meet Alan Bond Who Helped John Bertrand and His Team to Win The America’s Cup in 1983: Net Worth, Son, Daughter, Wife, Cause of Death & More; Netflix Update!

Sep 11, 2022 @ 10:55 EDT
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Meet Alan Bond Who Helped John Bertrand and His Team to Win The America’s Cup in 1983: Net Worth, Son, Daughter, Wife, Cause of Death & More; Netflix Update!

Alan Bond from Netflix's Untold: The Race of the Century funded John Bertrand and his team who later won The America's Cup in 1983. While he has done many beneficial things for many people, he also has faced many consequences like four years in prison after going bankrupt. Speaking of his personal life, Alan has two daughters and a son with his first wife. However, his net worth was not disclosed at the time of his death. Also, Alan Bond's cause of death was reported to be open-heart surgery complications. 

The underdog story in Netflix's Untold: The Race of the Century is so well-told and compelling in and of itself that it gets you excited about a sport you probably never cared much about in the first place. It tells the story of the Australian yachting team who overcame the New York Yacht Club after 132 years of dominance.

Strong financial support was the most important component of the strategy that Australian captain John Bertrand came up with to win the cup. Bertrand needed to find the funding, and he needed someone who understood his vision and was willing to go the extra mile to succeed. That individual turned out to be Alan Bond.

While the Netflix documentary only highlights Bond's contribution to Australia II's victory, there is a lot more to his narrative that is untold. Well, we've got you covered. Here is everything we know about Alan Bond.

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Alan Bond Was the Man Who Funded John Bertrand and His Team in The America’s Cup: Net Worth, Son, Daughter, Wife, Cause of Death & More; Netflix Update!

While Alan Bond gained fame as a result of his involvement in Australia II's historic victory, the turbulence in his personal and professional life also continued to draw attention from the media. Around 1983, he had a wonderful experience. The businessman from England who was awarded Australian of the Year saw his earnings increase immediately after his side won The America's Cup.

But things changed in 1992 when Bond declared bankruptcy after collecting a A$194 million loan. It is said that when added to Alan Bond's other debts, it was close to A$1.8 billion. Although his family supported him, the arrest came in 1997. On the charge of stealing A$1.2 billion from Bell Resources to keep his company afloat while it suffered losses, Bond was sentenced to seven years in prison.

He admitted guilt to the incident, and in 2000, after serving around four years in prison, he was released. After being released, Bond didn't waste any time and tried in pursuing new ventures, and in 2008, he was included in Business Review Weekly's Rich 200 List.

Talking about personal life, Alan Bond has 2 sons and a daughter with his first wife, Eileen Hughes: John, Craig, and Jody. Susanne, their fourth child, reportedly passed away in 2000 from what was thought to be an unintentional prescription drug overdose. Three years after divorcing Eileen, Bond got married to Diana Bliss in 1995. Tragically, the theatre producer and PR expert lost her life in 2012 after being discovered in the pool.

Although Bond's life was full of ups and downs, they did not impact his accomplishments. In 1984, he received the title of Officer of the Order of Australia, but it was revoked after his crimes came to light. Bond Institution, Australia's first private, nonprofit university, was established by him. In 2003, Bond was also admitted into America's Cup Hall of Fame.

All throughout his life, John Bertrand and Alan Bond had good relations. Talking about him, Bertrand stated,

He’s one of the most incredible marketers you’d ever imagine. He’s always got three deals in the pipeline, even now … he sees himself as Mr 10 percent man. My relationship with Alan was in the world of America’s Cup, and I never worked for him, I worked with him, that was the way I always saw it, and that was important.

On June 5, 2015, Alan Bond passed away at the age of 77 and his cause of death was reported to be open-heart surgery complications. He is buried in Melville City, Western Australia's Freemantle Cemetery. Additionally, his net worth at the time of his death is yet to be revealed.

Undoubtedly, Bond led a life that would make him the ideal subject for a Hollywood movie. His story's potential was recognized by writers, who in 2017 produced the TV miniseries House of Bond. It's a heavily fictionalized depiction of his life, and several of his friends and family have expressed their disapproval. It yet demonstrates how multifaceted and nuanced Alan Bond was.

Additionally, UNTOLD: Race of the Century is currently streaming on Netflix.

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