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Maridel Carbuccia from Nygard Cay: Husband & Nationality Explored!

Dec 13, 2021 @ 5:12 EST
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Maridel Carbuccia from Nygard Cay: Husband & Nationality Explored!

Maridel Carbuccia from Dateline NBC: The Secrets of Nygard Cay is married to her husband Juan Carbuccia, with whom she shares a son. She accused Peter Nygard of sexual assault. Viewers wonder about her nationality.

The latest reality show, Dateline: The Secrets of Nygard Cay on NBC dives into the story of notorious fashion mogul Peter Nygard, who has been convicted of sexual exploitation and molesting hundreds of women over the years, including Jenny Gilmer.

Former employee Maridel Carbuccia is among others he reportedly mistreated in this manner, so now that she has opened up about her experience, let's learn more details about her.

Who is Maridel Carbuccia from Dateline NBC The Secrets of Nygard Cay?

Maridel Carbuccia is Peter Nygard's former treasurer, and her employment contracts required her to relocate with her family to Los Angeles, California, after which she would begin collecting a monthly income of $10,000.

She was also offered relocation expenses, a rent reimbursement, a car allowance, and other incentives, but none were ever provided.

Worse, according to the indecent assault and wrongful dismissal complaints she submitted around January 2020, Peter made moves on her frequently from 2016 forward before sacking her a couple of years later.

According to the court documents, the first incident occurred in 2016, when the entrepreneur allegedly groped Maridel Carbuccia's posterior before apologizing and promising that he would never do it again.

Not only did it persist, but she claimed that his roaming hands progressed far beyond. The same summer, Peter pressed on appointing Maridel as his LA house manager, with her responsibilities, included bringing women to "pamper parties" and confirming their signature on an NDA, according to her claims.

The Dateline NBC alum stated that she did not want to be a member of it, but she was apparently told that if she did not comply, she would lose her job.

A few months later, the treasurer stepped down from her role, mentioning her boss's disinterest in following through on his financial and professional assurances.

After all, they featured a high-paying project management position and 5% stock in a Topanga, California, building. However, the timing of events suggests that this is when Peter allegedly sedated and sexually harassed her at his Los Angeles residence.

Maridel Carbuccia said on Dateline,

I started getting fuzzy vision and really, really dizzy, and I couldn’t feel my hands. I just hear him talking to me… and then all of a sudden, I just wasn’t functional anymore.

Maridel then said,

I tried, like mentally, I was trying to get up. But, I couldn’t get up. He was just on top of me. And I kept trying to push away. I was like, ‘Peter, get off me. What are you doing?' When I woke up in the morning, I was just there by myself. Nobody was there.

Despite this, she returned to work after Peter reportedly begged her to come back in 2017 by issuing an apology for his conduct and promising to accomplish every previous and new commitment.

His obscene behaviors and words, according to her motions, remained, and he groped her behind and bosom several more times until terminating her in 2018.

Maridel Carbuccia is Married to Her Husband Juan Carbuccia: What is She Doing Now?

Maridel Carbuccia has made an effort to move ahead with her life since then. According to what we can discern, she filed the litigation against Peter J. Nygard because she wishes justice to be delivered, but she also has a solid support structure to help her behind the scenes.

As a result, Maridel Carbuccia appears to be a blissfully married mother who now resides in Miami, Florida, where she works as a management consultant and also owns a business. She shares a son with her husband Juan Carbuccia.

Her Master's Degree in Economics and Marketing from New York University is likely to be of great assistance to her in her career endeavors.

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